Sludge Measurement

Ultrasonic Sludge Density Meter (ENV200 SERIES)

ENV200 series are the ultrasonic instruments that measures the density of suspended solid in liquid. It comprises of sensors, a controller, and a junction box. ENV200 with PCM(Process Condition Monitoring) algorithm measures not only the size of received signal, which is often measured by conventional ultrasonic density meters but also observes changes in sound velocity and temperatures in the process. As it monitors operational status and water status in pipe and then decides the validity of each measurement, it contributes to increasing stability and reliability of the measurement. ENV200 utilizes the EEA (Envelope Energy Average) method that saves reception signal envelop and then calculates its energy, rather than using the reception signal’s amplitude change. ENV200 offers two types of sensors, such as spool-piece, Clamp-on type to accommodate all field demands at installation.


·    Continuous Measurement

     Process Monitoring Possible (Run, Stop, Full, Empty)

     10,000 Points Data Logging & Trend Mode

     EEAM (Envelope Energy Average Method)

     Various Types of Sensors

     In-situ Measurement and Calibration